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   Units :   *For Feet write feet.inch ex. for 11'5" write 11.5
   Minimum Width  
   Maximum Width  
   Minimum Length  
   Maximum Length  
Rug Main Colors :
Red - True Red, Scarlet, Ruby, Maroon, Coral,Pink, Tangerine
Blue - Royal, Powder, Baby, Slate, Turquoise,Navy
Green - Sage, Forest, Jade, Sea foam, Celery,Chartreuse, Apple Butter, Olive
Gold and Yellow -Pale, Butter
Brown - Chocolate, Espresso, Leather, Cinnamon, Suede
Neutral - Beige, Ivory, Cream, Oatmeal, Fawn
Black and Charcoal -Jet Black, Grey, Charcoal
Purple -Lavender, Violet

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